Jessica Morden Newport East MP has Confirmed the M4 Relief Road Project will not go ahead, after the plans were scrapped by the Welsh labour party, confirming it would not build the £1.4bn M4 relief road,

First Minister Mark Drakeford has axed the scheme because of its cost and impact on the environment.

The relief road would have seen a motorway built south of Newport to tackle congestion at the Brynglas tunnels.

The Newport East Labour MP says on her website

Today’s decision by the Welsh Government not to go ahead with the M4 relief road has been a long time coming and there has been a lot of frustration on both sides of the argument, not least for communities along the proposed route. Now that this decision has been made, we need a Welsh Government solution that’s bold and convincing for commuters and businesses who are sick and tired of the gridlock around Newport. We need fast-tracked measures to alleviate congestion implemented faster than the five years it would have taken to build the relief road.

We need to know what practical measures will be put in place for sustainable transport, a timetable and strong commitment to ensure the money is coming to Newport and Severnside. Just one local example of a scheme the Welsh Government should support would be the plans for a Magor Walkway station, which has strong local and political backing, and I urge them to do so as part of a wider package. Timing is crucial, there should be no more unnecessary delays, and I see no reason why the next year shouldn’t see the start of some solutions being implemented.

Within minutes of posting the news on social media the MP received numerous negative comments indicating the decision will not fare well with the citizens of Newport


  1. I have voted labour all my life, but feel now they have lost the plot locally and nationally. So the M4 relief road is not economical so what happens to the pollution from the standing traffic on the M4 . So much for the environment all the money spent so far what a fucking waste.

  2. Terrible decision. The solution they now come up with is “ more police patrols and get accidents recovered quickly” The politicians obviously don’t use the road because most times driving towards Cardiff there is no sign of an accident just the bottleneck of the Brynglass tunnels. To say that after an accident vehicles will be quickly cleared is not in accordance with Police policy which is that whenever there is a serious accident involving death the scene has to be treated as a possible crime scene. A lot of accidents are caused through the frustration of delays. We have variable speed limits set by people who obviously aren’t looking at traffic flows because it can go from 50 to 40 then 50 within meters with no logic. Get rid of the politicians who voted for the abandonment of the relief road.


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