Purveyors of organic coffee, craft beers and small plates. Masters of cocktails and gin.
The Pod is a casual gin and cocktail bar created to offer something a little different. A place where both guest and staff are passionate and thirsty for new knowledge, new experiences and the unknown.

Cocktails are created by using new and innovative techniques and molecular mixology methods. These methods are used worldwide in the best bars and Michelin star restaurants. Maximum effort is put into extracting and combining fresh and local ingredients with award winning spirits and liqueurs.
Our juices, syrups, tinctures and bitters are squeezed, cooked, extracted and infused in-house to homemade recipes. This provides the best results in aroma and flavour. Our focus on the perfect balance between bitter, sweet and sour and the right amount of dilution, combined with the temperature from the ice, is what defines our great cocktails. It’s also why we have a state of the art ice machine! We use blocks of crystal clear ice to reduce the melting point, so you can enjoy your mixed drinks and cocktails for longer.
Our cocktails, signature serves and spirits are carefully selected by our Bar Manager and Head of Mixology, Jan Kosler. Along with the consultancy of Christos Kyriakidis, we guarantee their combined 30 years of experience in high end bars, fine dining and cocktail mixology will have you wanting more than just the one…ENJOY!


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